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October 2018

Oil on Canvas 40" x 60" 


Prints starting at $3

"His figures are exaggerated forms posed within a dark and dreamy realm"


Franco works mostly in oils and acrylic as seen working on the painting "Hoppe Reiter". 



Interview with Voyage LA Magazine

Portraits in the style of FrancoAmericano

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129 North Swall Drive, Los Angeles, California 90048, United States


Studio Tours

Tuesday & Thursdays

noon - 5p.m.


about franco americano

Americano discovers the exposure of emotion and the human form in his art, creating portraits that embody both iconic imagery and his own imagination of his subjects’. His paintings and works on paper distinctively present a central coupled or lone figure as Americano translates each person’s inner landscape. Americanos’ painting language is rendered by distinctive outlines, organic shapes, and intensely blended brushwork, which he fuses with expressionist color—saturated hues and matte palettes. His figures are exaggerated forms posed within a dark and dreamy realm, offering elusive, idiosyncratic portraits with a wide-range of fluctuating expressions.

Artist Statement 

The human psyche is constantly seeking balance within itself and the outer world. In this need to find balance, in of whatever shape or expression it takes, acts as a shield against unpredictability and the potential chaos of human emotions. Whether a village landscape or a human figure contorted, my work strives to portray everyday’s inner struggle to find balance. I paint the human species with its delicate flesh and determined psyche.


Third generation American -Jewish born artist  Yossi Alpert-Apodaca professionally nick named Franco Americano,  is a self-taught artist. He received his BA in Elementary Education from San Francisco State University. Americano has exhibited in the US and abroad including shows in Barcelona, Spain and Paris, France. United States exhibitions include New York City, Brooklyn, Colorado, San Francisco, Chicago and Los Angeles. His work has been featured in Better Homes and Gardens, Tom of Finland Catalog and The Advocate. Los Angeles AC/Gallery is representing Americano at ART BASEL 2017. He is currently one of 50 artists featured in the AC/Gallery book of up and coming artists.

Americano is currently working on his fall 2019 Abstract Exhibition.

Franco Americano lives and paints in Los Angeles, California